• New placeable food and drink entities!
    • These can add foodstatus or some potion effects to player. (includes new potion effect).
    • New foods are made with new tools and appliance.
    • Some items need another mod's items.

  • New magical items.
    • chalcedony blocks and some strange tools, and decoration lamps.
    • Aromatic incense.
    • Raden charms.

  • Container blocks for compressing materials.
    • These can be used for decoration.
    • Some compressed block has useful effect. (compressed melon, etc)


  • source code:MMPL-1.0
  • assets:CC-BY-NC

Please check also Front Page.

Deployment requirements

  • Minecraft 1.7.10
  • MinecraftForge 1.7.10_10.13.4.1448+
  • PotionExtension-1.7.10-1.1.0+
  • Java7

How to use

  • Install MincraftForge 1448+, and put this mod into "mods" folder.
  • Start the Minecraft client. Then, the required coremod of this mod (Potion Extension) will be downloaded automatically.
  • Restart client. The required coremod will be loaded.
  • enjoy!



current version AppleMilkTea2-1.7.10_2.9m.jar
for modder (deobf files) AppleMilkTea2-1.7.10_2.9m_dev.jar
download DropBox

The dev version can not run in the vanilla client. that was created for the mod developers. Be careful!

  • About source code
the source codes of this mod are published in Github.


This mod is required for AppleMilkTea2.
This mod was created by A.K.

current version PotionExtension-1.7.10-1.1.0.jar
download DropBox


It was described only in Japanese.

Specifications commentary

Sorry, commentary was described only in Japanese.

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