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This wiki is introduction of the minecraft mods created by defeatedcrow.
Detailed description of the mods, now, has been commentary only by Japanese.


That page is contains also another mods (other small mods).

That page was created by RazzleberryFox. Thanks to har works!

My github page. 


All of MOD that defeatedcrow has created are subject to the following license.

  • source code : MMPL-1.0
    • Fill text of license is here

  • assets : CC-BY-NC
    • assets includes all of the texture files, audio files, and language files.
    • assets of this work has been provided by Creative Commons display - the non-profit 4.0 international license.
    • Copy of the license is here

  • other notice
    • Any trouble caused by using these mods will not be responsible for the author.
    • Paid use of these mods are prohibited.
    • You can include these mods to your ModPack.
    • You can distribute these mods for your server user.

defeatedcrow's mods


This mod add some foods, magical items, compressed blocks of materials.
Many right-click gimmicks and decorations also added.

AppleMilkTea! old version

For MC 1.5.2-1.7.2
This mod include fewer contents than version2.

Iron Chain ver2

This mod add the chain block, the flood light, and some new hopper.

Fluidity Foodstuffs

This mod add some fluids of foodstuffs, and the IBC (fluid tank), and the fluid hopper.

Other Small Mods

 This mod is Addon for MCEconomy2 (created by shift02).
 this mod add a new block that can sell items to other player, or villager.

 This mod add a new weapon that was made to resemble to the force of R-9 (R-type).

 This mod add a new weapon that was made to resemble to the IGNIS (Warframe).

 This mod add some new edible blocks.(ex. sponge cake block, cream block.)

 This mod add some new ores and decoration blocks.(ex. alabaster lamp.)

 This MOD will remove or block the enemy MOB spawn in village.

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